Instant bond claim payments.
Wave 'bye bye' to chasing bad debt from tenants. We pay your claims instantly, before proceeding through digital mediation.
We guarantee immediate bond claim payouts + quick settlements via digital mediation.
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A Bondable tenant's a great tenant.

Not just because we guarantee their bond, but you can also use our stringent screening process to find great tenants, including a comprehensive credit check and a 100 point ID check. We do all the checks that you can't.

Bond is boring. There's so many better places to park your cash - shares, crypto, under the mattress... Bondable gives you the freedom to invest and spend your way.

✔ Instant payout of your bond claims

✔ Online mediation & support

✔ Great tenants you can rely on

Need to make a claim?

With Bondable tenants, you get paid up to one month's rent without delay. All claims are fee-free. After you've received your funds, we'll commence digital mediation.

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The Bondable journey

Quality Tenants

We partner with leading national real estate agencies to offer Bondable to all new tenants during the onboarding process.

Agencies and landlords or their representative can be sure that prospective tenants who've qualified for Bondable have passed our stringent background checks that include ID verification, fraud, anti-money laundering, tenancy database, credit checks, and are cross-checked against the Hutly Group database​.

Financially Secure

Any outstanding monies owing from tenants post mediation of a claim become our problem and our risk, so you can cut out any debt collection duties or recovery costs from your business.

Landlords or their representatives can be confident that we'll pay out any bond claims made as every Bondable Guarantee is independently insured. Even if a Bondable subscriber stops making payments.

Faster Claim Resolution

After we've paid any claim, we initiate the mediation process. Obviously, the best-case scenario for a claims process is the tenant agreeing to the settlement, meaning they reconcile the settlement directly with Bondable.

If a tenant requests mediation, we facilitate this via the Bondable platform. If no agreement can be reached, the matter can progress to tribunal in your state or territory, as per the current process.

I first heard about Bondable when my tenant presented the Bond Certificate during their rental application process. I was cautious at first and not sure how it worked. After the experience I had, I am a big advocate.

When my tenant left the property and back overseas owing funds for the break lease fee, I was concerned how we would retrieve the funds. In the end, I had nothing to worry about. The process was so easy and fast. After contacting Bondable with the bond guarantee reference number, we received the claim within 48 hours. Bondable's level of communication and service was excellent.
Property Manager, Melbourne, VIC

Delivered as a trial in partnership with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria

“The REIV is supportive of positive innovation in the industry and believes Bondable can play an important role in solving the affordability crisis in Victoria and bringing portability to tenant bonds. Data from the last 18 months of Beta tests with tenants and agents indicates this product is a positive step forward for all."
- Jacob Caine, President of the REIV

Get more with a bond guarantee.

Cash flow

Thanks to instant payments, landlord or their representative can count on having funds for essential end-of-lease tasks.


Gone are the days of working overtime chasing tenants for rent, payment for damage, conducting mediations, or prepping for and attending tribunal.


Access to our team and online platform provides a handy helpdesk, backed by a preventative approach that makes for smoother tenancies.

Is it legal?
Yes! Bondable complies with legislation, operating as per the statutory requirements outlined in Section 37-38 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.
What would happen if Bondable were to stop operating?
All Bondable bond guarantees are financially backed by an independent insurer. In the highly unlikely event Bondable were to stop operating, the bond guarantee would remain in place for the duration of the existing tenancy agreement.

We’re as safe as houses.
As a property manager or landlord or their representative, am I still covered if a tenant stops paying their Bondable subscription?
Yes! Bondable is a bond guarantee so we wear the risk of the tenant not meeting their obligations. This is why we take strong steps prior to approving a tenant to ensure they have a good credit history.
Is Bondable financially secure?
Absolutely. All Bondable bond guarantees are financially backed by an independent insurer.
What’s the catch?
There isn’t one! We’ve been working closely with our industry partners, our tenants and landlords or their representatives to understand their needs and what works well, and then built our product to suit.  Bondable is a product that we’re really proud of, it’s a game-changer for the industry.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for in our FAQs? Please chat to our friendly team.

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