A better way to bond

You pay a weekly subscription.
We do the bond.


$4.99 a week
(a small latte)
You don't pay a bond
You don't pay a bond
Cancel at anytime
Cancel at anytime with no charge
Annual fee: $99
Setup Fee - Free


$130 a year
SAVE $78
You don't pay a bond
You don't pay a bond
Cancel at anytime with no charge
Cancel at anytime with no charge
Setup fee: $25
Setup Fee - Free
What our customers say

"I was skeptical at first, but Bondable really delivered on their promise. Their subscription makes so much more sense than a traditional rental bond."

Bondable User
What our customers say

“I have told everyone about Bondable. It just makes life so much easier with the weekly payments! I had no worries signing up, the process was super easy!”

Bondable User
What our customers say

“Bondable has reduced my money stress! I much prefer a weekly fee over a lump sum.”

Bondable User
What our customers say

“Moved into a home and within 2 days the bond was sorted with my real estate agent, and I just pay $4 a week. Great service and helpful team.”

How it works

It’s as easy as 1,2,3...

Applying for Bondable is quick and easy. Simply complete the application and we do the rest!

But I have already paid my bond? You can still apply. If successful, your full bond will be returned to you within 7 days.


We guarantee your bond with the agent and replace this significant cost for you with a simple $4.99 per week subscription.

You pay a subscription and Bondable guarantees your bond directly with the agent. As this is not a loan there is no interest, repayments or payouts - just a simple subscription.

Application takes less than 5 minutes. You will need 100 points of ID and a debit or credit card (we won't charge your card until you are approved) and it is a soft credit check that won't impact your credit score.

Bond free living

Your agent or landlord will be required to approve your application, the product is designed with benefits for both the tenant and agent so we see a very high approval rate.

It is the same as before, you must meet all your obligations under your rental agreement, keep the property in good order and you remain liable for non-payment of rent, damages or other costs.

In the event of a claim we provide a transparent way to mediate settlement. You see the quotes and you have to agree to settlement creating a fair playing field for all.

Easy exit

We have kept the subscription super low to make life easier for our subscribers.

If things get tough let us know. This product is offered under a credit licence Stopping payments without talking to us may impact your credit score.

Once mediation results in settlement, using our digital mediation process, you and the Landlord or property manager will have agreed to a settlement amount. You will then need to make payment, or enter into a payment plan, to pay this amount to Bondable.
No Loan
Simple Subscription
No Debt
No Loan
Simple Subscription
No Debt
No Loan
Simple Subscription
No Debt
No Loan
Simple Subscription
No Debt
The claim process

Did you know that 35% of tenancy agreements involve some sort of claim against the bond?

We have built a digital claim process to speed that up.

Our objective is to get a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties.

We have a digital mediation process which brings transparency, speed and certainty to the claim process.

A claim is lodged

Broke a window moving out?

That's ok! Your property manager or landlord will upload a claim, you will be offered the opportunity to pay for the claim immediately or request mediation if you want to dispute the claim.

So you are aware, Bondable will instantly pay the property manager or landlord the value of the claim so they can keep their business moving forward while the matter is resolved.


If you request mediation we have a super smooth and easy digital mediation process that helps the property manager and tenant come to a quick agreement.

If the parties can't agree to a resolution then a property manager or landlord may lodge a claim with the statutory authority (over 99% of claims are solved via Bondable)


Once the parties agree to a settlement the funds are paid directly to Bondable.

Don't worry, we know claims happen (35% of the time!). This won't impact your ability to be a Bondable subscriber in the future, in fact, we would love for you to stay on as a subscriber in your new property!

Looking for more information?

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
I'm not great at this stuff, can you spell it out for me again
Traditionally, you have to front up 4 weeks of bond and up to 4 weeks of rent before you move in. In most states and territories you also have your previous 4 week bond tied up whilst you exit meaning you can be up for 12 weeks of rent!

Let's say your rent is $500 per week, that is $6,000 you are out of pocket. This is one of the biggest issues contributing to affordable housing issues in Australia.

With Bondable you would only need to pay a simple weekly subscription instead of a bond. Saving you thousands of dollars.
How does Bondable work?
Bondable replaces this traditional bond with a subscription. Bondable is mutually beneficial to both the tenant and property manager or landlord. We don't pick sides.

As the tenant, you remain liable for damages or breach of your tenancy agreement. The Bondable subscription does not cover your bond (it is not an insurance product).

If a claim is raised by the property manager or landlord we instantly pay that claim amount (up to double the bond amount) whilst we help mediate a settlement between the parties. This is done via a digital mediation process.

Once agreement is reached to settle a claim between the parties we facilitate the settlement process. At this point, the parties are required to make payment to Bondable for the amounts that have been agreed during the mediation and settlement process.

If you the owe money once settlement is reached, you will be required to pay Bondable for that amount.

We want to make sure Bondable is every tenants best friend so will work with you to set up a payment plan that takes into consideration your personal circumstances if needed.
How much does Bondable cost?
Bondable costs $4.99 per week, saving you from coming up with thousands of dollars. An annual fee of $99 is charged when you first become a Bondable customer.

We won't charge your debit or credit card until you are approved! We then charge two weeks in advance and continue to keep you ahead by two weeks for the duration of your subscription.
What will my first charge be?
Weekly subscription
You will be charged $111.16 which includes the $99 annual Membership Fee and your first two weeks subscription. 7 days later you will be automatically charged $4.99 against your nominated payment method.
Will this impact my ability to get a rental property
No. This product is designed to enhance your ability to secure a rental property.

We offer the property manager or landlord instant payment on a claim and up to double the bond amount on any claim. Better protection for the property manager and landlord as a result of having Bondable tenants.
What happens if there is a claim?
As the tenant you remain legally responsible for damages, non-payment of rent and any other breaches of the tenancy agreement. Bondable is a solution that helps mediate a quick outcome for all parties.

In the event of a claim, we have a digital mediation process in place to help both parties come to a quick resolution.

35% of bonds require the parties to come to an agreement. If the parties can't agree then the property manager or landlord may choose to take the matter to the tribunal for arbitration.

For example, the property manager or landlord lodge a claim for $500 during the exit process on your property. We instantly pay that $500 to the property manager or landlord so they can make good on the damage and keep their business moving forward.

Our digital mediation process then works with all parties who agree that the cost of damages should be $300. In this event, the property manager or landlord would pay Bondable $200 and you, the tenant, would pay Bondable $300.

If you don't have $300 we have a number of ways to help you make these payments which will be made available at the time. None of the above will impact your credit score, the process is designed to help tenants.
How long does my Bondable application take to be approved?
You will be notified if you are eligible for Bondable instantly. We will contact your agent as quickly as possible to obtain their approval. Once their consent is obtained you will be approved for Bondable.
Is Bondable a credit product
Yes. We will undertake a credit check as part of the application process. This is a soft check that doesn't impact your credit score. We want to make sure Bondable customers are never disadvantaged by using our products.
What happens if I miss a payment
Life happens! If you miss a payment we will give you 7 days to make good on that payment.

If, after 7 days you have not made payment we will then commence a collections process. At this point, there is no impact on your credit score, we will do what we can to help you get back on track.
What happens if I stop paying my subscription
If you need help or have difficulty paying your subscription we suggest you contact us immediately via email at support@bondable.me

Non payment of subscription may result in adverse action on your credit score which impacts your future ability to access credit products like home loans, personal loans and credit cards from any credit provider in Australia.
I want to use Bondable in my new property when I move
Fantastic! We find most customers continue their subscription.

To continue your subscription in your new property simply login to Bondable and click on 'I am moving', this will then prompt the process you need to follow.
I want to cancel my Bondable subscription during the tenancy agreement
If you wish to cancel your subscription you will be required to pay the full bond amount as listed on your tenancy agreement (typically 4 weeks of rent) to the statutory authority.

Once you have done this please send evidence to Bondable via email to support@bondable.me and we will cancel your Bondable subscription within 7 days.
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