Instant claim payments, to keep your cash flowing.
We’ll automatically pay your claim upfront so your business’ cash isn’t tied up in a lengthy and expensive legal process, waiting for a resolution to be achieved.
We guarantee immediate bond claim payouts + quick settlements via digital mediation.
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Faster Claims Resolution 

Bondable's digital mediation process makes it simple, transparent and fast to settle a claim from anywhere.

Currently, if there's a dispute over bond claims, Renters must go through a time-consuming mediation and tribunal process to get a resolution. Instead, Bondable offers a digital mediation process to resolve the claim faster without any fees. 

What happens if there's a claim?

We’ve streamlined the claims process by providing a digital mediation service to help resolve claims quickly, easily and at no extra cost.

Through our mediation service which is designed for a fast, transparent, and fair resolution, we work with the Renter and the Rental provider to come to an agreement quickly.

The Bondable claims process

Delivered in partnership with the REIV

Hutly has partnered with the REIV since 2021, and operate VicForms – the industry leading real estate forms that are made available to REIV members on the Hutly platform.
How does Bondable’s digital mediation service settle rental disputes?
Bondable pays out the Rental Provider's claim immediately. Claims must be lodged with supporting evidence.

The mediation process then follows after the dispersal of funds, so it’s in our interest to arrive at a mutually agreed resolution as quickly as possible.

We’ve designed a digital mediation solution that uses automation to make settlements more efficient.
Can I dispute the digital mediation and take the matter to VCAT?
Yes. If either party (Renter or Rental Provider) is unhappy and don’t agree to a resolution during mediation, they can elect to have the matter heard by VCAT. This takes place under the provisions of Section 452 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.
What legal support does Bondable provide?
Prevention is better than cure, so we want to help! During the tenancy, any party to an agreement can access our customer success and legal team for support and guidance.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for in our FAQs? Please chat to our friendly team.

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