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Bond is boring. There's so many better places to park your cash - shares, crypto, under the mattress... Bondable gives you the freedom to invest and spend your way.

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Why do I need to setup an account?
To ensure we meet our regulatory obligations when you first lodge a notice of claim we are required to complete a know your customer check and take steps to ensure the bank account details provided are correct. These checks are completed when you first set up your account.
Why do I need to upload documentation when making a claim?
When you commence a dispute we need to make sure all documentation is in order, including:
- checking the tenancy agreement is in place
- checking you are the landlord or their representative by checking the authority
- check that the landlord owns the property

Essentially, some basic checks so we can offer you a great service and experience.
Instant payment of a claim
We know you have a business to run so when a notice of claim is lodged with Bondable you will be instantly paid the claim amount. The claim amount can be up to a month's rent and may include non-payment of rent. You must then actively work to resolve the claim through our digital mediation process.
What happens if a renter misses a payment
Life happens! If a tenant misses a payment we will give the tenant 7 days to make good on that payment.
If, after 7 days the tenant has not made payment we will then commence a collections process.
At this point, there is no impact on the tenant's credit score, we will do what we can to help the renter get back on track.
Is Bondable a credit product?
No. We do however undertake a credit check on tenants as part of the application process. It doesn't impact a tenant's credit score. We want to make sure Bondable customers are never disadvantaged by using our products.
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